Profiles in Bitdefender (Home consumers)


Hi! I noticed the only problem I constantly have with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is Profiles. The UI/UX around profiles is often frustrating. I sent a few comments using embedded contact forms about my troubles throughout the months/years, but it seems to simply break from time to time.


  • Icon for a given profile will get stuck on the dashboard while the settings hidden in the menus will display all the toggles to OFF;
  • A profile that won't actually stay enabled;
  • Automatic Profile Enabling (sorry, I forgot the wording) that will trigger a profile by mistake (because a software [GOG Galaxy 2.0] uses python, Bitdefender thinks it should enable the "Work Profile") without giving us the ability to flag the "false positive"

I use Profiles mostly to optimize my system while gaming, but I have to say that the way they work right now makes me reconsider the entire Bitdefender suite. That being said, it seems that very few companies have a good product for gamers (I'm currently trying a different one and it actually break games. 🤣)

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