how to aquire rescue flash drive or cd?

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hello, something has complete control of my laptop. when I click on anything for permission it has control of it. unfortunately I subscribed to Bitdefender total security to late via my android so it is not installed on my 64bit laptop. I also tried reinstalling windows 10 pro, with no success. so before I start pulling my hair out this is my last hope here on this forum ::) I should ask if anyone knows since not having Bitdefender Total Security installed, will its rescue cd or thumb/flash drive have any effect? Thank You in advance!

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  • RyanA316
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    Question I wanted to know, since you have posted on April 1st, have this problem been solved elsewhere? If not, do you know what's causing the laptop being in control? What are its behaviors? On the post since you tried to reinstall Windows 10 Pro, have you completely format the hard drive before doing a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro?

    The Windows 10 Pro CD should have the capability to format your hard drive. If you know how to backup important files, that would be a first thing to do, but if you are unable to do this due to not being in control of your laptop, then the important files will be lost during a format wipe of your hard drive. When you get to Windows 10 Pro installation setup, you will need to delete all partitions, recreate new ones, fully wipe (format) your hard drive, then you can install a fresh new Windows 10 Pro operating system. After you got it all set up, first be sure download Bitdefender Total Security that you have subscribed to via Bitdefender Central - and then download your windows updates.

    However, after researching on the internet about Bitdefender Rescue CD, Bitdefender no longer offers the free downloadable Bitdefender Rescue CD. They do provide it to their earlier versions. But Bitdefender 2021 no longer offers the Bitdefender Rescue CD.

    I hope this helps. Cheers.