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Keep getting mail from 2Checkout

edited February 2022 in Central & Subscriptions

I'm keep these mails that my bitdefender sub is running out and that i should sit back while it auto renews, i have manualy renewed my sub and turned off the auto renewal but im still getting these email?

I really don't want it to auto-renew because i can't afford it right now and I have already renewed for another year.

I like bitdefender it's a very solid product but this is ridiculous


  • Was the same for me. I even contacted 2Checkout to make sure and they gave me an automated reply saying everything like this can be done on their site. But auto-renewal was already turned off and all I could do was to wait. When the time came nothing really happened and the emails stopped.

    Just make sure it is disabled on 2Checkout's end and not just on Bitdefender. Log in on their site: