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What does this mean?

[{"insert":"Hi,\nI'm new here,\nSo,yesterday i decided to update my HP notebook to the newest version (20H2),but when updating it also updated my BIOS.\nAfter the update i got a notification on bitdefender about this:\n"},{"insert":{"embed-external":{"data":{"url":"https:\/\/\/6031943\/uploads\/NDUB17S2WZT3\/img-20210501-084446.jpg","name":"IMG_20210501_084446.jpg","type":"image\/jpeg","size":231262,"width":1079,"height":1694,"displaySize":"large","float":"none","embedType":"image"},"loaderData":{"type":"image"}}}},{"insert":"So what actually happened to my notebook?\nOn the other hand,on my pc it said that there was a malicious process,and every application involved in that, got stopped.\nI would say that it detected a legitimate update for a fake one. But I'm not sure,since i never used an antivirus before.\nIf you could answer this i would be more than happy.\nThanks!\n"}]