Anyone had a trfc.booost pop up warning?

[{"insert":"I had a pop up saying that I had visited dangerous sites and was in danger of having my sim and phone contents stolen unless I clicked the link given on trfc.booost…. \n"},{"insert":{"embed-external":{"data":{"url":"https:\/\/\/6031943\/uploads\/W3J5YRANJV35\/378461b3-93ac-493e-9397-3a6cb531eec9.jpeg","name":"378461B3-93AC-493E-9397-3A6CB531EEC9.jpeg","type":"image\/jpeg","size":202464,"width":828,"height":1792,"displaySize":"large","float":"none","embedType":"image"},"loaderData":{"type":"image"}}}},{"insert":"To be on the safe side I have installed bitdefender. I’m new to all this antivirus, will I now be protected and as long as I Didn’t click on anything on the foreign pop up can I assume that all is ok? In the attachment I have circled the offending webpage. I was Googling a restaurant so it seems bizarre. \n Thank you for any help. \n\n"}]

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