Mozilla Thunderbird "Bitdefender toolbar is not compatible with Thunderbird 78.10.1"


I'm using Bitdefender now for a few years and a year ago I have updated my thunderbird to 78.10.x. After this I got the message "Bitdefender toolbar is not compatible with Thunderbird 78.10.1", which means that my toolbar at that time.

I saw a discussion is working on a fix.

But my question is that already finished and how can I add the Bitdefender Toolbar add to Mozilla Thunderbird?





  • Still inactive for Thunderbird v. 91.3.0 (64bit).

    Please do something to solve this issue ASAP. The antispam solution you provide is useless.

  • I was previously using Microsoft Outlook, but am now using Thunderbird and noticed the Bitdefender toolbar is active. I had recently reinstalled Bitdefender Total Security and the downloaded file was updated when I manually checked for updates. Maybe the latest version has the issue fixed.

    My Thunderbird is 91.3.0 (64-bit), and Bitdefender Total Security version as at now on my Windows 10 PC is Build

    If your version of Bitdefender is still 25.x try manually updating, otherwise wait for the update to come through. Or maybe uninstall, then go into Bitdefender Central and redownload.
  • This has been an ongoing problem with thunderbird and bitdefender for years now. They seem to be unable or unwilling to fix the problem. The only solution they seem to come up with is reinstall bitdefender which might work for a while until it happens again.

    Personally I like Bitdefender but if they don't find a more permanent solution I will be looking for a more reliable security solution when my subscription is next due.