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Is my product actually working?


Hi, I installed Bitdefender Internet security a couple of months ago. I have had what at first seems to be a relatively minor issue that I received support for, however, Bitdefender are not answering my question about a possibly more serious issue, which I find worrying.

My issue is that there are two users on my Windows 10 desktop. Each day when we log on it is only the first person to log on who sees the Bitdefender ICON an the TASKBAR. Both of us see the DESKTOP ICON and we can both launch the application if we click on that. In addition it is only the first person to log on that receives notifications such as the prompt to use the VPN (which we don't do, it's too slow). The only other trhing that I have noticed is that Safepay doesn't work automatically for the second person to log on either - it CAN be launched manually by first launching Bitdefender from the desktop. However,it doesn't automatically detect banking sites and payment screens or recognize pages that are saved in Safepay and marked to open in Safepay automatically. Just to be clear, it DOES function properly for the FIRST person to have logged on each day (and who sees the TASKBAR ICON) but not for the second person who has to do it manually.

Bitdefender have said that this fault has now been logged and they are working on a fix which will be rolled out as an update in due course, but have also said this is taking longer than expected. When they first advised me I posed the question, given that certain functions aren't working for the second user, can they assure me that the basic protection that I expect is actually working correctly? I asked this several times in our communications but they never gave me this assurance. Then, a few weeks ago when I received the progress report that told me it was taking longer than expected, I said that I was fine with that but asked them again to answer my question about whether the product was working properly in other respects. I received no response.

This obviously sounded alarm bells with me because it suggests that they cannot give this assurance!

Accordingly, two weeks ago I emailed support again asking them to either give me that assurance or otherwise provide me with details on how I should go about obtaining a refund as clearly I would need to make other arrangements, probably reverting to my previous suppliers.

To date I have still received no response on this, so before I uninstall the product I am now turning to the community to see if anyone else has this issue or knows whether the product does actually work properly despite these elements clearly NOT working.

Any thoughts or ideas?