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Suspicious Connection Blocked popup


Bitdefender Total Security, updated today

Windows 10 Pro V. 10.0.19042

Since this morning (prior to BDTS auto update) I am getting BD popups every few minutes saying "Suspicious Connection Blocked, We just blocked a suspicious connection to keep your device and data intact. You are safe!". When I click "See Details", the BDTW program window opens, but the only blocked connection notifications I can see are from a couple of weeks ago. It's nice to know I'm safe, but this is kind of a PITA. How can I fix it?


  • klipp

    I have this problem too. I used to get it a lot at my secure university wifi, now getting it at home. It interrupts typing and is a constant distraction from my work. Importantly, when I go to the Notifications section of the BitDefender app, like OP, there are no notifications listed. I have no idea where the warnings are coming from.