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Regional restriction?

edited January 2022 in General Topics

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Thurein and m needing help with my attempt to run Bitdefender free edition on my Windows 10. I just signed up to ask a question here. First of all, Bitdefender is my favorite antivirus provider, which i been always wanting to use it's commercial products. But the thing is, I've tried to install Bitdefender for past few months without success. Also had the same issue accouple years ago. What is happening is i can't even access to Bitdefender website to began with let alone getting an installation issue or technical ones, and i'm certain(kind of) that it's due to the regional restriction from your*(Bitdefender) end. I'm currently being able on here only possible via VPN connection(Proton). Yes, like wise I can connect to Bitdefender official site with a vpn, and download the Bitdefender agent(had done it already). But of couse i'm hestitate to run the installation process as I'm worried that running the agent with the vpn would result in certain issues. Like for example does that makes the Bitdefender to be always needing a vpn or proxy connection all the time to give protections for me. I mean that would be a disaster, hence Bitdefender engine run mostly thru cloud(correct me if I'm wrong). I really want to make assures of if there's a regional restriction on the country of Myanmar(Burma)?

To Bitdefender: If so, could you guys(if there are BitD staffs on here) at least consider unblocking the blockage? Or if there isn't one from your end may it be the work of the government or ISP at my ends(i don't think so as I had been always able to download/install/run smoothly all the other antivirus from different sources and providers)? Been wanting to use the free edition for so long as soon as it got public. Plz could anyone help me fix the problem(i.e by letting the connection pass thru from me to Bitdefender cloud server), or at the least make me understand the cause and also maybe show a way that could potentially make me possible to run my favorite antivirus software(the free edition)? Thanks in advance ...

Sincerely, Thurein Tun.