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RE: Locate Device via Bitdefender Central (Web-Chrome)

edited February 2022 in Central & Subscriptions

G'day all

Just purchase the great looking and full of features family security suite from Bitdefender. Everything has installed and setup just fine so on our devices both android and windows. But having a few confusing problems with the locate device functionality.

When I click on a device I was to locate and execute the "Find Now" button it just swirls around with no end in sight.

However, on my android phone (which has the Bitdefender Central app installed) it gets an notification that it has found the device at the location with an option to view map. But alas, the web based central is still spinning around doing nothing.

This means how would I locate a device if I did not have access or lost my android phone where the notifications are working perfectly. I want the notifications via my PC on the Bitdefender central webpage!

Any ideas on this? I have repeated this problem on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge with the same result. Phone's app gets immediate notification, webpage doesn't at all.



  • I've found out so strange behaviour with the PC "Anti-theft" location option. It seems that one will get the location information, but as a notification, not on the search window itself. Sometimes (on the PC) it does take a while to find the location, but eventually it does. It's much quicker on the android BitDefender Central application and tends to get you the information in the search screen.

    So, if you are having trouble with this on your PC interface, I recommend after a few moments executing the "Locate Device" click out of the area and check your notification bell in the top right hand corner of the BitDefender Central webpage.

    You might find it's showing up there instead :)