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BDLogging Folder is taking up too much space [HELP NEEDED]

edited January 2022 in General Topics

Recently, my laptop has been constantly and literally running out of space on my SSD (OS drive).

Of course the normal thing to do is to uninstall programs and empty the recycle bin. Did that and it freed up some space only to be eaten later on.

I snooped around the ProgramData Folder and I found that a certain folder associated with BitDefender was consuming about 20 GB of storage, which is odd. The folder was BDLogging,

I restarted in safe mode and deleted that folder. After then, I restarted to regular Windows. Checking the ProgramData folder again, I immediately saw the BDLogging folder again, and it is already taking up half a gigabyte of storage.

For now, I am just constantly checking from time to time if the BDLogging folder continues to take up even more storage. Given this problem, is there a way to disable logging by bitdefender so that I don't have to constantly check the BDLogging folder for storage problems.

You guys have any insight on this?