Bitdefender preventing a login...

In the last week I suddenly found I could not log in to an innocuous history discussion site which it hasn't had a problem with since I started using Bitdefender months ago. I find if I turn Bitdefender off I don't have the problem and the problem only occurs on this one site. I have contacted the site Admin and they say they have made no recent changes to their site. Any help would be appreciated


  • The issue might be related to mine on

    Stuck on loading, event after adding exclusions for and domains, from which the scrips are loaded. Testet on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, normal and incognito (no extensions).

    Strangly, the site is loading on Brave browser or with Bitdefender Free disabled.

    Same issue might have occured in the past, looking at some answer from a Bitdefender representative:

    "Hi there! After talking with my team, it seems the issue was due to a change in the way HTTPS scanning was done on the free versions"

    More details here:

  • Thank you teaberryou