Advanced UI options BIS and VPN

Hello everyone

I'm new here and my name is Ever and hope you all are fine!

I'm glad to join the community.

I'm IT professional with close than 25 years of experience, at this moment my job is related with IT service administration working for a global company that is not related with technology products in fact we make foods products that you probably know.

In the last months I'm personally interested in new hobbies.. you know.. now more time working from home since pandemic, hope this ends soon. The new hobbies is practice and upgrade my cyber security and networking knowledge in the my free time with Cisco advanced devices.. I'm some old I think so haha

I'm 40 years hold, I living with my family in Mexico where I have 4 children and a my loving whife.

So, recently I'm adquire Bitdefender Internet Security and VPN product services for some of my home computers where I sometimes I using networks and cybersecurity tools like vulnerability scanners with many xploits inside and many other applications like related but I found that the Bitdefender UI products no has advance options in a frindly way like for example view specific firewall issue detections, easy way to manage exceptions or an easy and fasting way to temporally deactivate the services AV, FW, threat detections, etc. in order that can I use my CS and networks tools.

I know that the commercial target customer for the BD products probably was made thinking more for basic home users and that's very good but my question is.. 

Do you know if is some way to activate an advance UI for that products or something? 

If not, no problem, I'll find a way or diferent security solution to stay secure my personal devices and in the same time using my security testing tools without issues if that's can possible. :)

Bitdefender Premium VPN

Bitdefender Internet Security! And stay safe!


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