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Publish a roadmap and provide details on firmware updates for Bitdefender Box


I really am invested in this product but I find the lack of information and transparency around it very troubling. For the ignorant user this might be a great product, but I dont feel its the ignorant user who will necessarily be purchasing it. I would feel a lot more confident in knowing what the feature and bug development roadmap looked like. This will likely keep me fully invested each time I have to renew as I would get to see how gripes and concerns are being addressed. Without it, I really feel despondent that glaring issues wont be getting resolved and the moment something else gets launched on the market then I would be inclined to switch to it.

Also, I feel it is a massive injustice not to let people know what bugs etc are addressed in each firmware update. How do people know without seeing a roadmap or firmware update when their issue will get addressed? I find the lack of transparency very concerning and it honestly has a tremendous impact on my trust of the product as I dont really know whats going on with the thing in terms of its evolution etc.

Please see how these can be addressed, all first class products have these.

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