Bitdefender Antivirus Free version strange website behaviour

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

After rebooting today (due to last months bitdefender update) I noticed some problems loading one of my websites. Part of my website which loads items via AJAX requests are no longer loading anymore. I thought it was something with my website at first, but disabling the protection shield "fixes" it. Since i'm the coder of this website, I've been debugging it a bit and it seems a lot of php session items are empty, where they should be populated, and are populated with bitdefender's protection off. Is this protection shield storing a cache of webpages? That could explain part of it.

This protection shield has been messing with some of my other sites as well for a much longer time, where for example all of the CSS markup was not loaded anymore (or partially), resulting in a visually crippled website. I think this has to do with the protection shield replacing the ssl certificate for every website in the browser by a CA called Bitdefender Personal CA. These specific websites use very strict SSL related headers, and it could be that something in there is messing things up.

In any case, the Bitdefender application is not showing/logging anything at all about this, which it should if it blocks something. I also can't add these urls to teh exclusion list as the list does not accept wildcards (for subdomains).

It would be really helpful if:

  • Bitdefender tells me if it does not want to load something, and why
  • That the protection shield can be turned OFF for all websites, and be ON where it concerns installing software.