Sensitive data exposed BUT cannot change password as accounts unidentifiable

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What are these data breaches please? I have no idea what the accounts and read even mean and there’s no link to follow… Please help


  • I had these same issues and saying the issues were solved. And I hadn't done the fixing, which was alarming.
    There are a couple other threads in the community about this- Data Breach and Data Breaches Found.
    Partial solutions are provided.

    This is what I found for each one so I could check and change passwords as needed:

    XSS.IS compilation:
    Provides what it is and how to check.

    Breach Compilation:

    From what I could tell, it was old accounts that I had closed several years ago. Hope this helps
  • I have a few listed in data breaches in particular Cloudwarm which is according to the list is on the dark web and I don't understand what I must do to get 2FA on these listed sites. Can anyone help me with this.

  • Nothing found in haveibeenpawned.

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    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD haveibeenpwned is the largest collection of data breach. Does that means there is something is wrong with bitdefender data breach.


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  • @Flexx I don't think so. Most commonly, breaches include information about users’ emails, passwords, names and usernames, phone numbers, and physical addresses, so if the email address doesn't appear as being leaked, this doesn't mean that other data isn't. Since a breach may involve usernames and passwords as well and these are usually found in compilations, archives or texts on the Dark Web, in general, I think it's possible that haveibeenpawned won't find information about this when querying the email address only, or maybe the breach hasn't been updated there yet? It's really hard to tell..