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Add more detail on exploit/attack IP address


It's good to know from which IP address the exploit/bot/attack came from, but I would like it have more details rather than just an IP address. For example from which country the IP address came from or ISP that provide the exploit. I have an attack few days ago and I lookup the IP details from IP2Location services and found that the IP on same country as I am and know whos ISP the IP came from, then I contact the ISP by providing details that one of their IP try to exploit my machine (for now still no response but at least we can contact the ISP provided by IP address detail).

Why not check the IP address manually? well, the exploit/bot/attack on my machine can occur from 10 to 100 IP address, copy and check one by one into service provider such IP2Location can took a lot of time.

If the exploit/bot/attack logs has this kind of information, we (as customer) can directly contact the ISP that their service has been misused by their customer for trying exploit/attack someone rather than write the IP, enter the website that can provide more of IP details.

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