Javascript injection detected by Kaspersky but not Bitdefender, I would like to submit it


We had an intrusion in our website throught our cms (not sure for now) and a javascript code was injected into the head element of all page to get user data and cookies, our clients/visitors with the Kaspersky protection alerted us with this reference from Kaspersky:

I found the script an removed it.

On my Macbook pro I have the Bitdefender Endpoint protection that our enterprise bought for the devices that employees use (on my advice). At home, I'm protected with the Internet protection (proud client since ~15 years) ans I a bit surprise that none of them detected the problem on our website.

So I would like to submit the script to Bitdenfender so they can add it to their detection library.

I already made a submission here:

but there was no place to explain exactly what happen and I had to submit the javascript as a file because it was removed from the website, so I decided to add this information here.

I would be interesseted to get feedback on tha validity of the script because I'm a developper and I'm not sure this code can really hurt as I don't find how it send the data (but it is obfuscated and parsed with hexadecimal value so it is hard to read, I can share if anyone is interested).

Thank you


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