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Subscription purchase failed and support not helping

New user, tried twice to buy subscription from official site only ended up getting nothing despite being billed, tried all methods provided by the site support page but to no avail, and emailing to support team left me just an auto-generated email.

I had high hope on Bitdefender but now I'm feeling I got scammed, any help?


  • So on this site I found I am not the only one. On 9 November 2021 I ordered bit defender 3 year licenses via the Thai website. After the payment they thanked me for paying 0 bath, but the full money went of my debit visa card and was not able to get a license. I immediately filled in the form on their website and mentioned what happend. No reaction. I went to my bank after a couple of days for asking a refund as I lost my faith in Bitdefender. The bank was willing to contact bit defender. After a week or so I got a call, probably from my bank, that I just had to send an E-mail and request my money back from support Bitdefender. So I send them the E-mail within minutes with all info and request a refund on my bankaccount. Again a week nothing happening so I send them the same mail again and requested a prompt answer. No reaction so I called support who said they paid me back already. I told them they didn't. Only than, appr. 3 weeks after my first contact, they created a support ticket, wow what a fast response, right?). On the ticket I found that they refunded me on 3 december, but the money never arrived on my account. So I asked proof of payment. They send me a copy of their internal payment order and for them this was enough proof so no further action needed, despite that I send them a copy of my debit card statement, with the payment and without the refund (dated 12 December). The attitude is we did our best and if it fails it is your problem so contact Visa yourself. They probably don't realize that if they hire an E-commerce platform for handling their transactions that it it is their responsibility that those people do there job right. So on 14 December I went again to my bank (who confirmed me that the money didn't arrive). The bank promised to investigate again what is going on and they will contact Bitdefender or its e_commerce platform . This process is still going on. Please not that I spent so far at least a full day on the 2 bank visits and numerous communication with Bitdefender for small money. I don't want to say yet that they are scamming. Probably they don't want to acknowledge that there systems are not working properly, don't have the right procedures in place (involving management in time) and put no priority in solving it. I am glad my bank is willing to investigate as I feel stone walled by Bitdefender. I hope the issue gets solved fast and that Bitdefender learns something from it and improves internal procedures, because this is very unprofessional.

    What is sure that I if I don't get a finger behind what is going on and don't get my money back soon that I will inform the cybercrime unit of the Thai police about this, as than likely someone is scamming (Bitdefender, Their E-commerce platform, or Visa). It is than up to them to nail the problem and catch the culprit.

  • Hello,

    @Solex I have located the ticket you have raised for our Support Teams on December 11th and replied there. We would require more information concerning the purchase attempts.

    Please accept my apologies for our delayed response, we are currently receiving a higher number of requests than usual and it takes longer for us to reply.

    We are working around the clock in order to improve our response time.

    Kindly reply to my message on the case and I'll be happy to help.

    @Sceptical I am sorry to hear of the inconvenience encountered. We require more information regarding your purchase. I could not locate an open case with our Support Teams raised using the e-mail address ****[email protected], nor a recent order, thus we kindly ask you to contact our representatives by using one of the dedicated contact channels here: and we will be happy to help. In the event you have an existing case number, please let me know and I will further investigate.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user