...I've been try to fix this for months: Bitdefender Blocks Server Access to Most Sites

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I'm new to Bitdefender.

After being happy with ESET for over 5 years, I decided to switch to Bitdefender. There was nothing wrong with ESET - I read so many great reviews about Bitdefender, that I decided to give it a try.

Here's the problem - Bitdefender is interfering with web access. I constantly get server cannot be found messages when Bitdefender is installed.

Once I remove Bitdefender - All Is Well!

I spent considerable time with support - they were knowledgeable, patient and helpful. But in the end, they could not resolve the problem

I'm usually pretty good at solving this type of issue. I have reinstalled Windows 10 - same problem. My internet provider rewired my apt - same problem. I purchased a new router - same problem.

It's been more than a month that I have not had an antivirus app installed on my PC - Windows Security is installed. It makes me uncomfortable not having my PC protected.

I just tried installing Bitdefender - again, all the problems are back!

One more thing, Bitdefender has disabled the wireless connection to my Brother printer.


Wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.


  • I am having the same problem - constant error messages saying the certificate received from the website is invalid or couldn't be read, or that there's an issue with HSTS.

    Like you, so far no luck with the tech support team, and I'm about to give up on this altogether.

    Plus, adding Parental Advisor to the mix seems to have thrown an even worse wrench into the problem. Hope you get some resolution soon!

  • Mike_BD
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    Hello @ethan417 ,

    I have located your account and also talked with my colleagues from Support, I understand you've had a few discussion with them. I understand that the issue is still not solved on your end, unfortunately.

    The expired certificates discussion (on this thread and a couple of others) is not one we can change, as we cannot risk to expose our customers to potential attacks. You can on your own allow/ exclude certain websites, but that is something we cannot recommend.

    Your perspective is also correct: just the fact that Windows Security is silent..well, doesn't mean it's necessarily protecting you :) I see that while it was active Bitdefender blocked a malware (Gen:Variant.Bulz.329126) and also some phishing attempts.

    At this point, maybe share here the websites which are blocked by Bitdefender so we can further investigate.

    Happy holidays,


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  • ethan417
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    Hi Mike

    When I install BD (currently, it is uninstalled), virtually all webs sites are blocked. I am presented with a cannot connect to server message. I then click Try Again a couple of times and I am usually able to access the web site.

    Of course this is not optimal. I could grudgingly live with it EXCEPT - I am taking courses and their respective tests online. Unfortunately, the cannot connect event has caused me to lose my connection (several times) during a long online project - causing me to lose all my work. I also experience similar problems with online transaction.

    I've never had this problem.

    I know it is a settings thing.

    And I also know that a more senior person with good problem solving skills should be able to help me close this issue.


  • Mike_BD

    Then I'm kindly asking of you to contact our Support team so they can have a look at your logs: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/



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  • Hi Mike

    I installed ESET 30 day trial - no problems.

    Thank you for referring me over to your support team - but I'm going to pass.

    I have spent a lot of time with your support team not to mention all the hours I spent on my own researching the issue and trying to close it. I am no closer to resolving this issue than when it first surfaced (months ago).

    It just doesn't make sense that I should contact support and have to start from the beginning with a new tech. FYI my BD logs were deleted when I uninstalled the program.

    This is a known BD issue - see @Kancego comment above. A quick Google search will revel that that there are many of users out there who are experiencing this same issue.

    Wishing you the best.