Is a safe site and authentic bitdefender dealer?

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I found a bitdefender total security deal

on this site, does anyone know if it is safe to buy there?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    @TravisoftCorp I do not recommend that you buy the products from there. You will be sold the products cheaper, but you have no assurance that these products correspond to the local description. In our experience, it can sometimes happen that the licenses are not valid or have the correct maturity.

    There are various offers available at retail stores on marketplaces, but please take into consideration not all of them are affiliated with Bitdefender and I strongly recommend to purchase Bitdefender only from verified sources and trusted partners. This can make a big difference, because if the product is purchased from a doubtful source, it may not function properly, the activation code may not have the advertised validity and in some cases we are unable to provide support.

    The full list of Bitdefender Trusted Partners can be consulted by accessing the following link:

    Stay safe and have a good day.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • TravisoftCorp
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    Thanks for the reply Alexandrul, I just forwarded your response to the customer. You really helped out on conviction right there😊

    I'm also a Bitdefender dealer(bronze), and I got his Bitdefender order few minutes ago.

    Have a blessed day.