How to disable VPN notification


Is there any easy way to shut VPN notifications? I have other VPN and I don't want another one. I tried to turn off some things in settings but it didn't help. So for me there are 2 options left.

1. Turn off all bf notifications - i didn't want to do that

2. Remove and ask for money back.

It so annoying for me... Any advice?



  • Alex_A
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    Hello, @Encore

    See my answer on antivirus and VPN settings in this thread. Install them at your discretion. ->

    Disable autostart Bitdefender VPN, besides you are using another service.

    Safe work for you.

  • Hey, thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately I don't use av on my PC. Topic is about android os.

    I think I should disable the first thing also? Then I wouldn't get that?

    But... Everytime when I will get message about VPN I'm going to send email to bd support. If it wouldn't help, I will ask for refund.

  • Hello @Encore,

    Have you disabled all the notifications shown below?

    What type of notifications do you receive, specifically?

  • That's look like windows version of bd... I don't have options like this on my Android device.

    Cant say now what exactly. It's like normal phone notification about new message (on the top) or when I browse random things then I see popup about it on the bottom (same as after installing new app - that it was just scanned). That I should turn it on for protection...

    Like in windows options, here should be also possibility to just shut it down. I don't want it, don't force me to do so...

    I'm going to block bd app to show any notification in android settings... If I get any VPN popup after then i go for option 2 in my first post.

    I never had av... Never had any problem. If so, then Linux did the job. So pushing people to use something they know about it's really annoying. It's first time when I decide to buy av...

  • Did you ever figure out how to disable it? These notifications are incredibly annoying.

  • @Encore have you also tried to check the 'App permissions’ section of Android Permission Manager?

    It should look like this and you can also enable the option to remove permissions if the app isn't used:

    Note that this section can look differently depending on the smartphone's brand and Android version.

    There is also an article related to App permissions here:

    I hope this helps.

  • Nope. Depends from don't know what I get 1 to 3 'helpful tips' per day... Three options to do it - remove av and use other, disable all notifications via android settings. But then you wouldn't know that av is on or not...

    I will go to third option. Two stars in Google play... Maybe it's stupid but at least maybe they will read it and change it?

    No I didn't tried it because I don't have VPN app and I don't want to. AV offer VPN inside of av app. And AV push people into it. Not this externe VPN app.

  • @Encore after translating the notification above, I would recommend you to follow the steps described below, in order to disable it:

    @Nunya please try this as well.

    Let me know how it goes.


  • I contacted support via email and chat. I get this answer too. I turned it off right now but need to wait for results.

    There is 2 things wrong with that... I never use bank via my browser. This notification came out with dialy use of phone. I don't even click on my banking app for a days. So problem is not connected to banking things.

    Second is - name and info in settings - shouldn't be there any info or word about VPN connection so people can turn it off if they are tired about that? I don't know what for 'extra privacy' it gonna give? Now I know that this option turn VPN on... Probably...

  • open bitdefender. Click the privacy tab, it will open a page with different services. under the VPN box click open VPN, click the settings wheel on the left side of the VPN window, under the settings window will be a notifications tab, turn off allow notifications. bingo bang its gone