Why is the firewall throttling my browser?

edited January 2022 in General Topics

I recently discovered the BitDefender firewall is slowing down my browser. When I run a speed test through websites like speedtest.net or speedtest.xfinity.com, the results are a quarter of what I should be getting (200 Mbps vs 800 I should be getting). However, when I turn off the firewall I get full speeds.

This appears to only be effecting my browsers. When I download a speed test application such as Ookla and run the test with the firewall on, I get the full 800 Mbps.

I also tried testing it in different browsers such as Chrome and Edge with the same throttling result.

Why is the firewall throttling my speed on my browsers? Could this be effecting other things? How do I fix it?


  • NVM. Found the answer to my problem: