Regarding Error 182(TunnelConnect) on The VPN

On January 6th 2022, I have notified the support team regarding the above error when I try to connect the VPN on my Windows 10 Computer. It has not worked since that date and have received no feedback from The Technical team. Still waiting for a follow up as this is once again another reminder. Even yesterday I sent a screen shot of that Error message. This issue does not occur on my Apple Laptop as well as my Android Phone Device.

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  • cdrl6830
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    Managed to fix it myself finally. Went into my VPN account and signed in again after clicking on switch accounts. Worked this time. But disappointed with the Bitdefender lack of support for so many days.


  • Hello @cdrl6830 and welcome to the Community!

    I am truly sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory experience with Bitdefender and I can understand how the delayed response could be disappointing. The Support Teams have received an increased number of requests than usual in this period of the year, and they are working round the clock address them.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • i have had this problem since I have been with Bitdefender. i was told the issue was being worked on. I was finally advised it had been resolved and to reinstall bitdefender and VPN. I have done so and the problem still persists I get this message every time How do I leave a message for the support time

  • @RMM have you tried the switch account feature like @cdrl6830 mentioned above?

    If this doesn't solve the issue, I would recommend you to get in touch with our technicians for further investigation.

    You can reach our Support Teams using one of the available contact channels below:

    Let us know how it goes.

    Stay safe.

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  • Hi,

    That is good news and very insightful for other users that may experience this error.

    Thank you for sharing your findings and the outcome.


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  • Followed the steps at the command prompt to flush, release and renew. Reset the winsock and ip. Rebooted. Bitdefender VPN now working. Thank you.

  • First time use of the VPN today and connection failed due to eror 182 (Tunnel Connect). Followed the 'Step 5' instructions (@cdrl6830 above) using CMD in administrator mode. Didn't restart the PC but restarted Bitdefender VPN and.. hey presto it's working perfectly! Thank you very much. 👍️

  • Thank you for your feedback @DrFeelgood and for joining our community! 👍️

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  • Thank you I will.