BD Mobile Security: Widget On The Screen. Any Explanation?

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I have installed Total security on my Samsung E10 Mobile for a long time. Works on Android. Suddenly a Bitdefender widget appears on the side of the screen and cannot be removed. You can't do anything with it, what is this?

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  • Well I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I have three widgets on the right side of my screen on Google phone. They are a blue key lock (authenticator app), a red circle with a white B inside (Bitdefender logo) and a green circle with three white dots on the inside. The first two: authenticator logo and the red Bitdefender logo do absolutely nothing when pressed. The green one gives me options for brightness and system options. Question is: what are the first two good for? And why are they there, they seem to serve no purpose.

  • What did you do to get rid of that widget? I have just installed Total Security on my husband's Android phone and the widget is there all the time. It is not needed since there are icons for both the main app as well as the VPN.

    How can I turn off the widget?

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    About the red circle with a white B inside (Bitdefender logo):

    this is the Android's latest "bubble feature" that is enabled by default.

    Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Installed apps -> Bitdefender Mobile Security and turn off "Bitdefender Mobile Security shortcut"


    go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Installed apps -> Bitdefender Mobile Security, click on "Bitdefender Mobile Security shortcut", click on the Setting button on right from "Tap Accessibility button" and in the next window under Location select "Navigation bar", do not select "Floating over other apps".

    About the blue key lock (authenticator app):

    the app is called Microsoft Authenticator. You can find more info on the app here:


  • Yes thank you, but my question is, why do neither do anything when pressed. Even when getting authenticator codes, I have to go to the actual app to get the codes. You would think that just clicking on the icon it would take me there.