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Hello BitDefender, I have an existing VPN subscription from a different provider. Should I activate the Web Protection - it appears to me that I am then using a limited version Bit Defender VPN even though I haven't installed Bit Defender VPN. Is this the case? I want to use my existing VPN subscription but ensure that my web activity is being monitored for virus/malware etc. So I thought I could activate Web Protection in Bit Defender, and keep NordVPN to manage the VPN tunnels. I'm new to this - I hope my question is clear with the information provided.


  • This appears to happen on my iOS but not my Android installation

  • Hello @ld8 and welcome to the Community!

    Bitdefender VPN is installed automatically alongside your Bitdefender security solution, as it's included by default in your Bitdefender product on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It offers 200 MB daily traffic per device and automatically connects you to the optimal server, when enabled.

    I have included below a description of the Web Protection, highlighting the differences between this and the VPN, in the iOS context:

    The Web Protection & VPN features from Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS cannot be used at the same time, but alternatively. This means that turning on Web Protection in the app will disconnect the VPN and vice versa. Once a VPN session is ended, you can turn on Web Protection.

    Web Protection automatically blocks malicious websites. When a URL points to a known phishing or fraudulent website, or to malicious content such as spyware or viruses, the webpage is blocked, and an alert is shown. The same thing happens when installed apps try to access malicious domains. With Web Protection, you are protected from accessing dangerous, phishing, and fraudulent pages.

    On the other hand, VPN encrypts the data that leaves your iOS device, giving you the benefit of a private network even while you’re on a public Wi-Fi from the airport, mall, café, or hotel. When connected to VPN, you can access websites that are restricted to certain countries and you hide your own IP address, offering your online search more anonymity. VPN only does so much to anonymize your online activities. It won’t protect you online.

    Therefore, this behavior is not a dysfunction. Web Protection and VPN are two features designed for separate purposes: the first keeps you safe while browsing while the latter aims to provide internet anonymity.

    Let us know if the information was helpful.

    Best regards.

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  • You haven't addressed the issue of 2 VPN at the same time or running your own VPN and not Bitdefender's VPN

  • Hello @Rob510,

    The iOS environment does not allow two simultaneous VPN connections and this is an operating system limitation.


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  • So on an iOS device, you can only have either the Web Protection or the VPN on, not both simultaneously?

  • Yes @napland03, that is correct.

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  • Can I run Bitdefender Safe Pay using NordVPN?

  • Hello @wlopeznj,

    Safepay also comes with a built-in VPN to be used when your computer is connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, for example. The answer is yes, you can use Safepay with another VPN.


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  • I installed Nord VPN friday and my bitdefender IOS antivirus isn't working and doesn't recognize me. What should I do?

  • Hello @John McP,

    Can you tell us exactly what isn't working? Is it the Web Protection? By not recognizing you, do you mean that you cannot login?

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