Extending subscription

I activated a 3yr 3 device subscription and want to extend it now another 3 years making it 6yrs 3 devices (I'm an optimist!). I have the activation code but the only option is to start ANOTHER 3yr 3 device sub which I don't want to do. Can it be EXTENDED rather than adding another 3 devices ?


  • Hello @MisterEdF and welcome to the Community!

    As the Central account supports the activation and usage in parallel of multiple subscriptions valid for the same Bitdefender product (e.g. Bitdefender Total Security for 5 devices and Bitdefender Total Security for 10 devices) and different products can also be activated in parallel, there are two types of activation: the extension of the current subscription or the activation of a new one in parallel, with the scope to protect more devices.

    The validity extension of the existing subscription is possible only if the new activation code redeemed is for the same type of subscription and variation of devices. For example, if you are using a Total Security subscription for up to 5 devices, this can be extended using a code for Total Security with the same variation of devices. In the event a code for Total Security (10 devices) is being redeemed in Central, the option to extend the current subscription will not be displayed and the activation can be made in parallel.

    The Central account has a validity limit of 5 years per subscription. This means that, if your current subscription is valid until 2025 and you wish to extend it by an additional 3 years, Central will return an error message and will provide the option of parallel activation.

    Should you wish to extend the current subscription, I would recommend contacting our Support Teams, as they can further advise on the adjustments that can be made in this scenario.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:


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