Not all machines showing up in Bitdefender Central

I purchased a subscription for Total Security yesterday. After installing on my first machine I used the link you get when clicking on Install Bitdefeneder on a new device on my second machine to also install Total Security on that one. When I installed the first machine, it displayed that machine in Bitdefender Central. After installing on the second machine, the entry for the first machine was gone in Bitdefender Central and the second machine was displayed. It also displayes that I only installed on one machine and still have 4 installations left for my subscription. Any idea what is going wrong here?


  • Hello @doom71 and welcome to the Community!

    Could you please tell us if the devices that you are trying to protect are operating MacOS? I have noticed you have a single active device currently covered by the Total Security subscription. You still have 4 slots available for protection. The first step would be to check the Bitdefender interface on the second device and make sure the product is linked to the same Central account where you have the active Total Security subscription.

    To check this, do the following:

    1. Double-click the Bitdefender shortcut from your Desktop to open the dashboard

    2. Click the account icon in the top right corner of the Bitdefender interface.

    3. Click the Switch Account button to change the account linked to the computer and enter the e-mail address and password associated with the Central account where the Total Security subscription is active. This should refresh Bitdefender. Alternatively, you may login in Central from the second device you wish to protect and select "Protect this device" to install protection without sending the link.

    Let me know if the information was helpful.

    Best regards.

  • Both machine are W11 and both connected to the same account

  • When I use option 3 you provide, the machine which is currently registered in Bitdefender Central gets overwritten by the other. It displays the machine on which I last installed or registered Bitdefender.

  • Hello @doom71, @Sherlock7266,

    I think this might be a bug.

    Please get in touch with our Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

  • Thank you for your help. I also synchronized the Bitdfender account with the same phenomenon, but the first terminal (Windows8.1-Pro) and the third terminal (Windows11-Pro) are exclusively displayed (1 unit). Synchronizing with the eyes hides the 3rd unit, and synchronizing the 3rd unit hides the 1st unit.) I uninstalled the first and third computers about twice and tried again, but it didn't work. Normally, all terminals will be displayed, but it does not work, and the motherboard manufacturer name is displayed for the second computer whose device name is recognized normally, but completely different names are displayed. Have you ever seen a similar phenomenon?

  • Thank you for your help. Regarding the misrecognition of Bitdefender's My Device posted the other day, I almost solved it myself. Although the cause is specified, if multiple LAN interfaces are installed in a specific terminal, for some reason, unused LAN interfaces etc. are set as the target interface of Bitdefender and information is shared to the central site, as another event. , IPSEC client software, etc. are implemented, or the virtual LAN function of virtual OS software is used as the target interface of Bitdefender, and it seems that Bitdefender's security tools mistakenly recognize it. At that time, it seems that it is reflected as central terminal information by disabling the interface other than the actual Internet or LAN connected interface and synchronizing the account again from the client tool. I am checking with the support desk to see if the unused LAN interface is synchronized to Central for some reason. Probably, it is a defect of the client tool of Bitdefender, aggregating the terminal information, and it seems to be a defect of the status acquisition of the terminal information of the Bitdefender-Agent function.

  • Hi Steck1108. You could be on to something there. On both my machines I use VM's and off course, both machines are within my home network, with one IP open to the outside world. I also put in a call with the support desk, so hopefully an answer is soon provided.

  • Same problem here using VMWare workstation 16 pro. 2 Windows host configured but only one host appear in Bitdefender Central...

    Seems mac adress recognition issue...

  • Hello @aurelien_izl,

    The issue is mostly linked to duplicate MAC addresses. A MAC address is a unique hardware identifier of a network card. Bitdefender is using the MAC address as a unique identifier, which normally would make sense as this should be unique. However, some third-party programs add the same MAC address on each device. Since this MAC address is the same, Bitdefender is considering the second device the same as the first device since it can match a MAC address and is replacing the original system with the last one powered on.

    If two or more devices have the same physical or virtual MAC address regardless of the network, Bitdefender Central identifies them as the same device and shows only one at a time in My Devices. This is common with virtualization software (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.) and some VPN apps that generate the same MAC address on all the devices, leading to a MAC address conflict. However, it is not restricted to this type of software. New MacBook Pro models use the same MAC address for iBridge Ethernet – the Touch Bar. Since this MAC address is the same, Bitdefender Central is considering the second device the same as the first one since it can match a MAC address and is replacing the original Mac computer with the last Mac connected to the internet.

    However, the Bitdefender security product locally installed should indicate that both devices are safe.


  • I reinstalled the Windows operating system and I launched the installation of bitdefender before VMWare and now it works correctly.

    It would be great if Bitdefender was able to differentiate systems by motherboard serial number and/or hostnames..


  • Hi, any suggestions regarding the following? Seems above mentionened MAC-issue is spoiling things here as well: several computers visible in Central, others not. On one of the invisible ones I would like to install Bitdefender parental control. Any suggestions on how to do this without reinstalling Windows or reinstalling bitdefender (yet again...). Cheers!

  • Hello @Dodge76,

    Check if the steps from this article help:


  • Hi Alexandru_BD,

    Cheers, seems like helpful. Will try soon.

    Best, D