Informative Notifications

Please make Bitdefender alerts and notifications more informative including malware/infection name and path of the infection etc.

There have been numerous times in the past I have seen "generic" popups saying Disinfection in progress without knowing what's really going on. I would really like to know the issue at once without the need of opening the BD console, clicking on notifications, scrolling up and down trying to see what the notification was about.

This opening the console, clicking notifications and scrolling to view the history takes three steps and to do this on a regular basis is tiresome.

I sincerely hope you can facilitate this update.



  • Hello @Nabeel,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. It means a great deal to us because this is how we can improve our product and services.

    I have forwarded your suggestion to our developers for further analysis. We collect and send user feedback on a montly basis and I have included your feedback for the next send out. I am looking forward to our developer's opinion.

    Best regards.

  • Bitdefender's notifications are practically useless.

    Notifications truncate the name/location of the file in question. Clicking the "View file" link is of little or no help because all it does it open the folder where the file is located. This is extremely frustrating because BD does not highlight the file. Users are forced to scroll through dozens of files just to find the name of the file. Even then, it is sometimes a guessing game.

    Bitdefender's notifications need to be redesigned so that they show the FULL NAME of the file in question. Furthermore, so long as the "View File" link opens the directory where the file is located, having the full path of the file in the notification is totally unnecessary.

    This has been an ongoing problem and needs to be corrected ASAP. I switched to Bitdefender because it was rated best in 2022 by PC Mag. If the notifications are not substantially improved, I'll be switching back to Norton when my subscription expires.