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Used "How to change Auto-Renewal'' settings but it Does not Work. Only found 'Service details' and 'Device allocation'. How can I do it??


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    Check "How to change Auto-Renewal settings – Method 1" here:

    It does the job for me, my subscription has never been auto-renewed, i always do it manually.

  • I used the Method 2 to Log in to my Bitdefender Central account at, then went to the My Subscriptions menu located on the left side of the website, and tried to 'Access the My Payments tab' at the top of the page. However the 'Access the My Payments tab' is not there. Why is that?

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    Hi Jon168

    It sounds like you're in your BD central account, as the website for stopping a renewal is on the 2Checkout my account webpage which has the options across the top of the page. Make sure when you follow the prompts from the link Gjoski79 posted, and when they ask you to submit your email address that you check your email for the link into that site. Once there, it should look like this:

    Hope this helps :)

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