Just by clicking on a malicious website, is my device in danger?

The phone I use is S22. Yesterday I was surfing on twitter on chrome and while I was scrolling down profiles, I accidentally clicked on a malicious website. I managed to turn back and close before it was fully loaded. Twitter uses link shorteners to protect people from malicious sites (and here what I wanna ask is would that web page directly open without warning me? I am really curious. The link was on someones profile but at the left bottom starting with t.co)

I use bitdefender mobile security and I have made several scans and all came out clean. And later when I checked from the settings for downloading from unknown sources for chrome, It was turned off. But still I am really worried as I use banking apps all the time. And those mining viruses also make me worry.

Can someone advise on how I should proceed? I didn't want to do a factory reset on a new phone. Thank you so much beforehand.


  • Hi there Justician,

    I see that you are a paranoid as me when it comes to malware this should not have installed malware on your device as it probably has auto downloads when u go to a website turned off and if the safe screen (Twitters link shorteners) it should not of even accessed the website

    So in total you are completely safe

    Best Regards,