EDIT icon is 3 Dots. loose the Dots and use TEXT

in the antivirus pane the screen shows 3 mysterious dots , it looks like 3 periods at the end of a sentence ...

Please enough with "lost temple of doom" hieroglyphs ! .

Yes of course im sure all the employees of bit defender and all the other members of the "in the know" secret society that they belong to are fully aware that the 3 dots are not just periods at the end of a sentence, BUT are actually a link to the EDIT function where users can edit the scan behaviour...

But If a average person(non employee of bitdefender) is not lucky enough to accidentally hover over the "3 periods/tiny dots" they might never ever know they can actually "EDIT" the settings of their system scan.

why does bit defender and other companies do this hidden hieroglyph nonsense ? (windows is the worst at this hide and seek mentality) ... do software programmers and their companies think they are being hip cool and trendy by hiding the simplest tasks from their costumers with nondescript icons/characters...really ? seriously ?

think about it , are u really saving any screen space or money by not using straight forward self explanatory text information to guide the costumer/user ... the word EDIT is only one character more than the "3 periods" , and the word "EDIT" speaks volumes to the user and to a straight forward more enjoyable user experience... using the word "EDIT" translates into no time wasted looking for the edit feature, and even better yet is that the word EDIT tells you plain and simply by its presence that yes their is actually a edit function available to the user/costumer.

The word " EDIT " versus this " ... "

Boy oh boy those dots are a real eye catcher ain't they...(sarcasm) ...

You tell me which is more intuitive for the new user , or the veteran user who never rarely accesses the feature often and doesn't remember where to find it now.

if bitdefender wants a more user friendly product experience for their costumers then they shouldn't be afraid to use TEXT explanations to help guide the users to the features. keep it straight forward , with no trendy mysterious hieroglyphs please and thank you :) .

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  • Scott
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    edited March 2022

    Lol..."lost temple of doom" :)

    With the Manage Scans you have to tick the dots to get Edit to appear, then click Edit to get to the settings. It takes two ticks, it would be nice just to hit Edit once, to load the settings.

    With Wallet, at least when you tick those dots, it will expand the options list.

    To look something like this:

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/user-guides/

  • Clapton
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    edited March 2022
    My apologies to the chat forum hosts , i accidentally double posted this post..

    the page original froze up when i first tried to post this and so i thought i had lost the post. So i tried to post it again and the second time it worked and i was able to see the post on the forums...
    i did not see or notice the second or repeat posting last night when i posted,,, but as i return to the forum today i now see it has been double posted... my apologies for the duplicate posting...

    if the forum moderators wish to delete the other identical post by all means do so, i have no objection to that. I would delete the duplicate myself but i dont know how to. ..
    again sorry about the double posting.
  • Hello @Clapton,

    Don't worry about it, everything is alright and I have deleted the double post for you 😉

    I have also noted your valuable feedback and it will reach our development teams in the next feedback sprint.

    Much appreciated!

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