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Scam! what to do?


Have received this message, supposedly sent from My e-mail to Myself. ASIC ( Gov. dept. Australia). will only act if there has been a crime committed. Cannot find anywhere to notify Bit Defender. If the sender actually has accessed My computer what could They manufacture etc. As it stands I have nothing to hide and will not be paying anything. Any suggestions?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Polkadot_2 and welcome to the Community!

    This is a common phishing tactic, where the sender claims to have gained access to your device and asks for funds to be transferred to their accounts. They usually claim they posses sensitive or incriminating data and threaten to disclose them if their demands are not met. Simply delete the e-mail, run a full system scan for peace of mind and you should be fine. If you are using a supported mail client – Outlook or Thunderbird, you can easily add the senders of the spam messages to the Spammers list. This way you will stop all emails from that person or organization. You can find more detailed instructions in the link below:

    Best regards.

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