What exactly am I subscribed to? Or charged for?

I recently took out a subscription to Bitdefender Total Security, including the restricted trial version of the VPN. I do not intend using the VPN or the Password manager, as I have other arrangements for these services. I am however happy to continue using all the other components of Bitdefender.

Today I received an email telling me I had now subscribed to the Premium VPN.

Have I been charged for this VPN facility? I do not recall ever authorising such a charge for the extra VPN.

I indicated my wish to cancel my subscription in 2023, BUT have i been charge extra money for the VPN service for this current year?

While I'm happy to pay for the Bitdefender Total, I will not pay an extra cost for the full unlimited VPN. Please clarify exactly what the nature of my subscription is and what I'm being charged for.

I'm disappointed that Bitdefender's communication and charging systems are so vague. Very disappointed. And confused.

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @TomH16,

    I have noticed that you placed a bundle order for Total Security and Premium VPN on March 10. Following your request, the Support Teams have refunded the cost of the Premium VPN subscription.

    Therefore, you are currently subscribed to Total Security only, and your protection will be automatically renewed on March 9, 2023.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user


  • Gjoksi
    edited March 2022

    Login with your email address or with your Bitdefender account here:

    and under "myAccount" and "My Products" you can see ALL the details you are looking for, like: invoices, products, money values you paid for the products, subscriptions, renewals, order details etc.

  • My confusion is now complete. I got no information other than I made an order. The nature of the order, the cost etc is still not clear to me. Bitdefender seems unable to answer my simple; questions.