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merging subscriptions


I am a subscriber to Bitdefender Total Security and VPN and received an invitation to save by renewing early. I thought this was a good idea and assumed that my existing subscription would simply be renewed upon expiry which is in April and May of this year.

If I activate now I loose 2 months cover of my existing cover which I feel is a bit unfair. Then I read about merging subscriptions....but like most online service providers, unless you are a gaming specialist and know where to look for hidden and obscure links that will miraculously take you to all the rewards, I simply cannot find where to go to merge subscription. Why bit defender cant do this automatically with renewals is beyond me.

So if someone in the community can advise I would appreciate,


  • Gjoksi

    I renewed my subscription on February 24, 2022, although the expiration date was March 30, 2022.

    This is what i did:

    I loged to Bitdefender Central, went to My Subscriptions -> Subscriptions -> +Activate with code.

    Then, i entered the activation code that was sent from Bitdefender to my email, and i was asked if i want to merge the new subscription details with the old subscription details, telling me that the subscription will expire on March 30, 2023 (or it was something similar like that). So, i clicked on YES or OK (can't remember) and the licenses were merged like i was informed during the process.

    Here is a screenshot:

  • Alexandru_BD


    @Gjoksi79_ is right, the validity can be easily merged from the Central account. With an early renewal, a new activation code is generated and sent per e-mail and this must be redeemed in Central for the validity to be extended accordingly. You will not lose the remaining validity of your current subscription, as this will merge with the validity of the new code. The automatic renewal is the only function that ensures subscription continuity, which makes the renewal process seamless and without any user intervention or new codes. But it comes at the full list price.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user