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My free space in C Drive is decreasing and increasing simultaneously. How can I resolve this issue?

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This is a screenshot of my C drive. Before some minutes the free space available was 13.3 GB, later it decreased to 10 GB, increased to 16.2 GB and now decreased to 12.6 GB. I've run multiple scans, I did found a malware and its's removed by Bitdefender (as claimed by Bitdefender) but still there is something in my PC which hasn't been resolved yet.

Although I've checked the size of the each folders in C drive (including the hidden files) and the total size comes out to be 89 GB. And the total size of My C drive SSD is 125 GB, so the free space available should be=125-89=36 GB free (few hours back it was 41 GB free) but windows is showing me 12.6 GB free of 125 GB.

Edit: Now I discovered what's the actual reason behind this, its none other than Bitdefender antivirus itself. The Desktop folder in C:\ProgramData\Bitdefender was alone consuming 31.5 GB.

Now how am I supposed to resolve this? Should I reinstall Bitdefender or am I supposed to delete files from the Quarantine folder from Desktop folder? And I can't even delete huge files from the quarantine folder, its says "You need permissions from administrators to make changes to this file".


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    Hello @Sid_sg,

    Based on your description of the situation encountered, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. The engineers may require logs from the machine, to further investigate this behavior.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

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