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I'm in the process of moving off a certain Russian AV product for obvious reasons. As I go through setting up BD on all my family computers, I'm finding a number of operations awkward. But there's one thing that multiplies the annoyance: I have to individually configure the settings on each computer, over and over.

So my suggestion is a simple means to save all my settings from a single machine - all the firewall rules, various protection settings, and so forth. Then I could just bring that file to the other machines, load it up, and I'd be done. Or even better, don't make me write it to a file: just let me manage it from BD Central, give me an option to copy settings from device X to device Y.

Observing how you love to keep reminding me to add more devices to my account, I daresay you'd be more successful getting people to add devices if you could make it this simple to do so.

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  • Welcome to Bitdefender @CWuestefeld,

    We're glad to have you on board and happy to receive your suggestions.

    Duly noted, i'll make sure your recommendations reach our developers in due time. Regarding the saved settings, the product has been modified by the developers so that whenever a reinstall from cpanel is required, the custom settings are kept.

    I think some settings could be indeed copied on other protected devices to some extent, but my assumption is that this can only be achieved between the same operating systems, as the Windows and MacOS solutions have different configurations.

    Let's see what our developers think of this.


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  • Yeah, I can see why some stuff you wouldn't want to cross over from one OS to another. I'd be satisfied with that limitation.