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why on my bitdefender central keeps saying "This device isn't protected"?


I have already reinstalled bitdefender total security on my laptop with windows 11, and when try to use the utilities like anti-theft, it send me to my bitdefender central and said: "Install Bitdefender security on this device to keep it safe. It's already included in your subscription, so you can get it right away." - I dont understand, i have already installed it...and when try to click on the button "enable protection" nothing happen....also i have a notification that im protected but bitdefender central keep saying im not... what can i do?


  • maybe there is a bug when the web trys to show all devices and the information of the pc is not update

    try to reinstall again and lets see whats happens

  • when uninstall show me two options, reinstall option and uninstall option, for the second one i have to install it again...will try tonigth both of them and see if the issue is solved..thanks

    PD: all option to scan are good.,..but the option to anti-theft is that i want active...and all remote option from bitdefender central are broken for this laptop

    there is two option to

  • Gjoksi

    I hope this will help you:

    A long time ago, i had a same (or similar) problem.

    I installed Bitdefender Total Security on my laptop, i successfully registered the product with the license and/or the Bitdefender account and the product was working fine all the time.

    But, when i went to Bitdefender Central, it said that my device was AT RISK, can't remember what was the real reason, but i'm sure it was one out of these two: 1. the Bitdefender product was not successfully registered with the license and/or the Bitdefender account or 2. there was no Bitdefender product installed on my laptop, meaning the laptop was there listed, but the Bitdefender product installed on the device was not recognized.

    So, i did this: loged out from my Bitdefender Central account, went to Bitdefender Total Security, clicked on my account's name in the right upper corner of the program, then clicked on "Switch Account", entered the existing e-mail and password that i already used for the subscription and after the process was finished, i loged in to my Bitdefender Central account.

    And the device (my laptop) was no more "At risk", but it was changed to "Protected". Since then, i have never had that problem again. I can control the installed Bitdefender Total Security on my laptop from my Bitdefender Central account without any problems.

    If that didn't help, maybe you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support:

  • That's great Gjoksi - had same issue and your solution worked perfectly.

    It's saved a few more grey hairs so many thanks.

  • LuMiMaN

    Hi everyone... thanks for your comments!!! that help a lot..... but I solve my issue with the next steps... firts logout from my laptop, uninstall bit defender product and rename my laptop ( I think uppercases and simbols was the problem) after that resinstall product, login to my account and the message are gone... now I can use all the remote options from bit central.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Thanks for sharing your experience on this scenario @LuMiMaN . Glad to hear it was resolved.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user