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limitation on devices

I bought a Bitdefender Family Pack 2019 for unlimited devices but now I notice that the installation is limited to 15 devices. How is that possible?


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    Where from did you buy Family pack for UNLIMITED devices?

    Family pack is limited to 15 (fifteen) devices and never been intended for use on unlimited number of devices.

    Personally, never heard of Family pack for unlimited devices.

    Also, you bought version 2019, which is strange, because version 2022 is the latest version.

    I guess you bought the license from (un)authorized seller/reseller or individual who tricked you that the license covers unlimited number of devices.

    Here is a link to check it out by yourself:

  • i bought it in 2019 from, so not a reseller but a dutch branch of bitdefender. In the beginnning it was unlimited, but lately I noticed that some devices were not protected anymore.

  • I even have the order confirmation from bitdefender where it is clearly stated that it is for unlimited devices.

  • so it looks like they changed the conditions of the subscription without informing me

  • As far as I know, the only thing that is unlimited as far as the number of personal devices used with Bitdefender is the Free antivirus and the purchased version of Password Manager.

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    In that case, you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by e-mail:

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