Dodgy postal link in text message

Hi ,

I received a text message from what looked like my postal service saying i needed to pay custom charges but i never ordered anything and the link was suspicious.

I contacted my postal service and they confirmed this.

Why did bit defender not pick this up ?

Its that not the reason im paying for this service .


  • Hello @Irishbhoy1967,

    This sounds like a phishing attempt. Have you already clicked on the link? If the link contained malware and was not detected, I kindly ask you to report this to our Labs for further investigation. Bitdefender detects about 99.51% of viruses in the wild, so it is possible, although very unlikely, that a virus will get past its filters. This happens mainly because new malware is released continuously and there is a time gap between the moment a virus is created and the moment we add detection for it. But in this case the link must be investigated to conclude if malware was involved, or other shady phishing tactics.

    You can submit the link to our laboratories using the form in the article below:

    Also, we would appreciate if you could spread the word and post your findings in the thread below, to raise awarness of this potential phishing attempt:

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Hi , i didn't click the link as i suspected it was unsafe but my question is , should bitdefender not of picked this up and warned me or will bit defender only notice these links if i clicked it ?

  • If the antivirus fails to detect an infection (this is very unlikely to happen), detection will be added after the link reaches the Labs. Usually, when clicking a link that contains malware, Bitdefender will warn you or will not grant access to the page at all. In this particular case, if the link was not clicked, it's hard to tell what the outcome would have been. Theoretically, if an action is not taken by the user to access a link that contains malware in a text message, it is possible that no warnings are given, but defenses will step in whenever the user attempts to access infected or dubious content.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user