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Bitdefender Gravity Zone - How to turn off Web Content Control for specific computers?


Is there a way in GravityZone cloud control to turn off Web Content Control for specific computers? We have 5 people with company laptops that are traveling and having difficulty logging on to a high speed wifi connection in a conference room due to content control blocking it. It is a difficult situation to diagnose since I cannot remote to them because they cannot get onto the wifi. I had one user log onto their phone as a hotspot so I was able to remotely connect (although it was very slow to react due to the bad cell connection). I turned off content control and they were able to get on the conference room wifi, but today the content control turned itself back on and we are back at square one.


  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @DeaTT0ms_101,

    In these situations, a recommendation would be a specific policy that applies to the selected remote computers in which the Web Content Control would be turned off by default so they can connect without any other issues. If the mentioned policy doesn't work, you could also try using assignment rules. (included a link as well)

    Please let me know the outcome so we can get a handle on it without delays.

    All the best and happy holidays!

    Alex D.