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How can I lockdown the bitbox2


I have a stalker, he and his friends like to use my network Almost as soon as I powered up the bitbox2 an unauthorized machine was there. Now a streaming server is there. He's inside the network. I'm sure he has the password. How can I lock the bitbox2 down so that only authorized Mac addresses get in?

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  • Chillybones
    edited April 2022 Answer ✓

    Very kind of you. I've visited their chat and reported the incidents every day since Friday.

    -Friday they have no record of.

    -Saturday 4pm my ticket was submitted.

    -It's now Sunday afternoon and I am questioning that 24/7 line.

    Again, the question is how to lockdown bb2 to a few trusted Mac addresses... anyone have insight?

  • Chillybones
    Answer ✓

    Thank you G.