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Block Windows file sharing with Bitdefender

edited May 2022 in Enterprise Security

I have a computer on my small business network with one shared directory. I want to be able to access the shared directory from 2 admin computer. Ideally we would like to block any other computer on the network from accessing the directory.

Does anyone know how to set BITDEFENDER to block all file sharing except from the 2 admin computers???

I do have a username/password authentication for the file share web hosting but I wanted the added security of blocking the other users from any attempt to access the machine.

So I am trying to setup the BITDEFENDER firewall to block Windows File Sharing for everyone but the 2 admins.

so lets say the access computer is and the 2 admins are and 12 respectively with a computer at .15 to test

i tried the following ALL PROGRAM RULES

Deny TCP  both directions from 445 with and without

Deny TCP  both directions to 445  with and without   

Deny UDP  both directions to 135-139 with and without

None of these rules blocks from accessing the share???     

The only rules I have been able to add to block the share is

 Deny TCP both directions  all ports   all IPs


Deny TCP both directions  all ports  from of course this requires adding a rule to block each computer separately

Any hints would be appreciated