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Bitdefender Firewall?


Is Bitdefender blocking my WIN 10 computer from seeing other WIN 10 computers on my home LAN? I cannot "see" others on my LAN. Nor can I see this computer from other computers on my LAN. I am trying to set up file sharing between computers.

I was unable to select Firewall from the dropdown menue. So this is the best choice.

Best Answer


  • Alexandru_BD


    I do have a couple of suggestions that might help resolve the issue, as I have noticed you have not yet raised a ticket @RonRock. If the situation persists, try the following:

    1. Go to Network Adapters tab and set the network type to Home/Office using the drop-down menu near its name

    2. Then, from the same Firewall Tab, click on Settings from the top-right , then, for the network you're currently connected to, uncheck the stealth mode button to disable it.

    If this does not fix it, turn ON: Allow access to domain network under Firewall > Settings tab. This will enable domain discovery (printer and shares). This option will be displayed only if the computer is part of a domain.

    If the devices are still not visible, turn OFF the button Block port scans in the network in the same tab.

    In the event the issue persists after following the above steps, kindly get in touch with the support engineers for in-depth troubleshooting, as mrmirakhur advised.

    I hope the information is helpful.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • jpattison124
    edited February 2023

    I tried this on a Windows 11 PC to allow a shared printer to be found but it didn't work. I can access a shared folder on that same computer. Any suggestions?



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @jpattison124,

    If the above steps do not fix the issue and If the situation persists even after turning off all the Bitdefender

    modules, including the Firewall, perform the following test:

    1. Open Bitdefender, click the Settings button from the left side

    --> Update tab --> Switch OFF Update Automatically. When asked for how long, choose 1 hour.

    2. Restart the computer in Safe Mode:

    3. In Safe Mode, open the folder: C:\Program

    Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security

    4. Inside this folder locate the file HttpProxy.dll and rename it into HttpProxy.dl_

    5. Restart the computer normally and check if the issue is resolved.

    Let us know how it goes.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user