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Multiple sends


Installed BD 1 week ago and when I send emails (especially with attachments) the receipient receives the email over 50 times!

I am using Win2K and Outlook Express. Any Ideas or Suggestions? I also suggested to a friend that he drop Norton AV and use Bit Defender and he has run across the same problem.


  • Unknown
    edited April 2007

    That is very odd I never heard of such a thing, but these type of problems are very often related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Maybe you should try another e-mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird or The Bat.

    Also we will try to see if this is an issue produced by BitDefender, but after you provide us some more details on your method of sending mails (POP settings, whether you and your friend have the same ISP).

  • Niels

    Mostly that kind of behaviour is due that you send attachments that are too large to handle. You email program tries everytime to send it and resend it again. How large are the attachments? I recommend you to compress your attachments. Otherwise the best thing is contacting your isp.