False Positive Threats

Where is the best place to submit inquiries to Bitdefender to evaluate whether a quarantined threat is a false positive or not?


  • Gjoksi
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    Submit the file here:

    Also, submit the file to VirusTotal:

    and after the analyse is done, submit the VirusTotal link here in this post as comment, so @mrmirakhur could check it together with the malware researchers.


  • Thanks: can I just submit the file names reported by Bitdefender instead? I don't want to handle the files.

  • Flexx
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    File names will not help at all. Since there are many files with the same detection name created by bitdefender.

    You just have to share the virustotal link or as @Gjoksi said in previous comment, you can share the files directly with the malware research team, but kindly be assured you will not receive any response back from them.

    If the file will be indeed a false positive, the detection will be removed in maximum of 72 hours and if the file detection stays even after 72 hours, consider the file as malicious by the malware researchers.


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