Tools For Creating Debug Logs On Android And iOS

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For creating debug logs on Windows, we have these tools: Support Tool, BDsysLog Tool and Connectivity Log Tool.

For creating debug logs on MacOS, we have these tools: BDProfiler Tool and BDsysLog Tool.

We all know that all these debug logs which are created by the mentioned tools, help a lot to the support engineers for better and faster investigation on any issue and finding a solution.

But, as far as i know, we don't have tools for creating debug logs on Android and iOS.

Let's take Gmail for Android for example.

When you open the app and click on "Send Feedback" the app by itself creates "System logs" which contain informations like: android version, phone model, running apps, system log, event log, notification settings etc. Also, a screenshot of the app is taken and added.

And when you send the feedback, the screenshot and the log files are sent to Google for analysis.

Currently, when someone has an issue with Bitdefender Mobile Security, the user can only send screenshot of the issue, without the possibility for sending logs, which makes it difficult for the Bitdefender staff to address the cause of the issue.

The possibility for creating debug files could be implemented in the Bitdefender Mobile Security app or Bitdefender could develop some tools for Android and iOS for that purpose.


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