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Asus Software and Bitdefender

edited June 2022 in General Topics

TLDR; If you have BD installed, then for god's sake, don't install/run or just uninstall GameFirst VI, it will slow your internet speed to a crawl, mess with internet pages (partial download), and limit or eliminate your ability to download files.

Very long story made short, starting about mid-December 2021 I started having internet speed and downloads issues. Both were reduced to nothing, a few sites with small files (under 20Mb) would download and some websites would only partly load, download speeds on an 800 Mbps internet connection were down to 5-10 Mbps. I asked for help here and after around 4 months, it looked like it was resolved, until the next update. Out of frustration, I quit using BD on my primary computer (it was the only one affected for some reason) and moved to the free version of Kaspersky.  

This week I had some free time and wiped my system to try again only to have the same issues. So I tried a different approach after reading some old posts on issues with Asus software from around 10 years ago. I did not install Asus Armoury Crate but installed all the MoBo drivers (Z690 motherboard) first, then started installing each Utility one at a time and rebooted afterward. I used Speedtest each time to determine what the problem software would be. The first utility installed was GameFirst VI, rebooted, agreed to the terms, and no issues were noted. I began to install AI Suite 3 and it seemed to be taking a long time to install, so I ran Speedtest and bingo, I thought I had found the culprit. I canceled the install, but still had slow speeds with Speedtest, so I rebooted and ran it again, no luck, SLOW!!!

I disabled GameFirst VI and ran Speedtest and glory be to the speedy tech gods, I had my full internet speed and could download large files. It is now uninstalled and I can go back to enjoying my internet with BD as my internet security blanket.