How to adjust Bitdefender window so it fits on the screen

I have bitdefender on a windows7 laptop but cannot see all the bitdefender window how can it adjust it?

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  • Gjoksi
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    You can't adjust (resize or maximize) the Bitdefender program window.

    You can only move, minimize or close the window.



  • Hello @Ed Harris,

    If you are unable to view the entire Bitdefender window, I would recommend checking the display resolution settings of your windows device and try a few setups to see which one is more suitable for your needs.


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  • Scott
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    That's what I was thinking, too. Along with if the dpi setting had been changed to see text better, it would also cause the BD console to display bigger.

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  • I am also having the same Issue. Did you get any solution?

  • No, I might uninstal if I cannot control it.

  • Changing the resolution might be your best solution as Alexander and Scott say.

  • If this is indeed a visual glitch, you may try to repair Bitdefender by following the steps described in the article below:

    This combined with resolution adjustments should fix the issue.


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  • It's pretty basic stuff, allow users to resize the dialog and/or maximise it. Opening the window produces a dialog 665h x485w px, which has no resize handles on any of the windows corners, no maximise button just a minimise and close icon in the top right corner.

    When I view the results of a scan the text in the tables is truncated as the column widths are not wide enough to display the text within the column. I have to select the text in the Results table and paste it into Notepad to read it.

    Seriously its 2023, you need to do better!

  • Andrei_S Enterprise
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    Hello @MickLang,

    Thank you for your suggestion, your feedback is very important for us.

    In order for this feature to be evaluated by our Product Management, please open a Feature Request with our Enterprise Support Team by reaching out to them through any of the following channels:

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