IPTV Stopped Working

Hi, I've had BitDefender anti-virus for years, and also use IPTV. I have recently started using BitDefender VPN.

I used to use Express VPN, but after testing out BitDefender on trial with IPTV, I moved over to BitDefender VPN a few months ago. All has been well until the last 2 or 3 weeks, when the VPN stopped working. When I disconnect the VPN, the IPTV works fine. I have tested using several connections (Automatic (UK), France, Belgium, Germany), but get the same result - I can't connect to IPTV when using BitDefender VPN.

Does anyone have a fix, or do I just change back to Express VPN?


Best Answer


  • Actually, an uninstall and re-install did the trick. Case closed!

  • I do have the same problem. Using a other vpn provider (google) does not have this problem.

    Ussing Split tunneling is whitout vpn protection, i wont like thus.